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boohoo AW16 Press Day

Throughout the month of September (in Ireland) the weather always seems to get a little temper mental - a lot more than usual actually. You could spend your day barbecuing in the sun then it would start lashing rain. Your mornings would be spent deciding whether or not to put on sun cream and then figuring out later that you actually managed to get sunburnt anyway. Its still not quite Autumn yet, though. However, after viewing the new boohoo AW16 collection I kind of wish it was.

It was a very bold statement when Kanye suggested that his latest album may just be the greatest album ever made but I might just go out on a limb here and suggest that light neutrals may just be the new black. Is that even bolder? Now I know its fun to dress up as a death eater throughout winter but maybe its time to lighten up a bit. BooHooMAN are certainly on board. Throughout the new AW16 collection there is a lighter colour palette that you can see flying off the shelves (do they have shelves in their factory?). From velvet blazers to tailored joggers to fur jumpers (Looking like a sheep has never been so appealing) - this is one diverse range.