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The Styled Man Box - VIII

As each season passes there is always one colour that stands out and decides to stick around a while. It takes over on the runways and then jumps on into every high street store and really confirms itself as the hue of the season. From those in your face greens to vibrant reds, its fair to say that almost every colour has had its day. However, there is always one colour that seems to linger about in little bits. That was until now of course. Pink seems to be taking over. I cant say that I have any complaints either. 

Pink may not be a male dominated colour but it sure as hell looks good on a guy once deployed properly. Given its popularity, of course the boys in Boston are bang on point with the latest Styled Man Box. This box just oozes preppy style. And although the pink dominates, there is still a boyish feel here. From socks, to lapel pins, to pocket squares - this is a box for those adventurous days. Or are you man enough to wear pink on a daily basis?