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Review | Scaramouche + Fandango

Men's grooming is like a game of inches. It is little and often that brings the biggest rewards, you know? Have you ever noticed that you can stay looking crisp through breakfast once you moisturise and do your lil' bits? But then once the afternoon hits, the smog and sweat have made that vibrant skin, dull? Happens to us all, sadly. Its probably best that you microdose throughout the day. Less is more and all that jazz. Scaramouche + Fandango would agree, I'm sure. 

When trying out a range of new products you never know what to expect. But for the most part you hope you find something that is light, has nice texture and thickness and smells great. Well, that's what I hope for anyway. The bodywash leaves you feeling fresh while the conditioner builds on this with its luxurious feel. But its the hydrator that's the real winner here. So soft and smooth, mmmm. Oh, and the packaging. The periodic table layout of the elements give us a dreamy twist that is masculine and instantly recognisable. I cant do the fandango but I would certainly try after using this range.