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It's The Simple Things

It's funny, we are constantly surrounded by reasons to smile every single day. So many reasons to be grateful. But have you ever noticed that we actually don't sit up and realise this? Life is about so much more than waiting for the weekend, or even the summer and in some cases, waiting around for it to change for the better. We are all constantly running in the worlds hamster wheel and it is this that forces us to want more. Sometimes though its the simple things that brighten up your day a whole lot. It could be sipping on a coffee really slowly in the morning. Or it could be taking really long showers and just letting the water run down your body. These are things that are really, really satisfying. I thought it would be a little fun and a little different than usual to make a list of the things that are so simple and satisfying in ones life. 

1. A great pair of socks.
2. Taking long showers. 
3. Singing out of tune in the shower for that matter.
4. Strolling through grass in your bare feet. 
5. That morning coffee.
6. Freshly cut grass.
7. Stretching when you just wake up. 
8. Good wine (of course). 
9. Good sex (I mean, right?)
10. Dancing like you are crazy.
11. Kissing in the rain (Bridget Jones vibes right there). 
12. Listening to the rain in bed. 
13. Laughing at jokes till your sides ache. 
14. Chocolate milk.
15. Waking up to a clean house. 
16. Freshly baked anything. 
17. Naps (although they can be the devil). 
18. Naked massages.
19. Iced tea.
20. Writing on good paper with a good pen (Yes). 
21. Having an empty email box. 
22. Staying up all night with your friends talking. 
23. Cuddles. 
24. Walking around in boxers. 
25. Having a good cry. 
26. Pastel stripes.
27. Being creative at the most unproductive of hours. 

You get the idea. The lists could be endless. But that's the fun in thinking about these things. Let me know what yours are.