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You get public transport to work, sit in a sweaty office, or sometimes have a really bad customer, maybe even get back pains from bending over your keyboard - is it any wonder we get weekday blues? Apparently, on average, most people clock about forty hours a week. That's a crazy 92,120 hours of your lifetime. Wow. And now you could write all this off in anticipation of every weekend but is that really the attitude to have each week? That's only going to bring misery. And we all know that its easier to be unhappy. Sometimes all you need is a little you time. Maybe a little shopping. Maybe a little adventure. Sometimes you need something that is going to help you embrace a journey. And yes, we know your phone can bounce between time zones - but it is the bounds of horology that have always crumbled beneath the boot of the adventurer. It doesn't matter if you are going beneath the waves or even towards the stars, a good watch is always ready for the rigor. It doesn't matter if you are only staying over night in Rome, putting on a timepiece that could actually go to the ends of the earth at least entertains the idea of something more, of capturing the light. Now, if only my new Sundial could buy me that trip to Rome. . .