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Thomas Sabo AW16 Press Day

As a guy I will be the first to admit that I shy away from the idea of too much jewellery. But then when you think about it, I wear a watch, two rings and an earring. Even that might be too much for many. Maybe as guys we don't see the practicality of all those shiny things hanging out of us? Even if they do look quite beautiful. Having said that, each piece of jewellery symbolises something - there is a story behind it. And it is that kind of togetherness that Thomas Sabo tried to create in their latest collection. 

Thomas Sabo has always been about the sentimental sides of things - just look at how they cemented the brand in the jewellery world with their personalised charm bracelets - but it seemed different this time around when the AW16 collection launched in the Marker Hotel last week. 

We had moved from sentimentalism to symbolism with bohemian and Egyptian vibes throughout. Pieces were deeper, darker and certainly more decadent. Pity you couldn't say the same about my pictures on the day. In my defense though, I've never snapped jewellery before. Sigh. Despite that though, they say jewellery is good for the soul, right? Something tells me that well carved, alluring and meaningful jewellery will be even better.



Oliver Long said…
Never been a fan of jewellery but recently I've been very much into minimal stuff. The one you have there is very nice!

Oliver •