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New York - Men's SS17: Day 4

New York- Men's sadly draws to a close on its fourth and final day. But has it been a sprint to the finish line or just a long slog home? For most of us, we would probably get a little tired towards the end of a marathon, maybe even give up. Not New York - Men's though. After four days, it still managed to bring excitement up until the very end. 

Eidos kicked off day four with a very fashion forward collection, while Hart Schaffner Marx drew inspiration from exotic locals for its newest collection. So much energy from Hart. Landlord on the other hand showcased the working mans uniform in new light. Todd Snyder continued to evolve and you could see this throughout his collection. He stuck with sportswear but he played around with it and of course, it worked brilliantly. Katama's collection or lack there of was entertaining to say the least. You can't really dislike models parading around in underwear. However, we did get back to clothed collections with Palmiers Du Mal. There was a lot of exploration and mystery in this one. And you could say it didn't stop there with Devon Halfnight Leflufy full of innovation throughout. So abstract. We had a party with Parke & Ronen and one that did not disappoint at that. Then we got a little quirky with Timo Weiland. Second/Layer then gave us some tailor made daily wear. This was just a day that kept on giving. 

Many have said that New York - Men's has already reached its peak and it couldn't possibly last in the long haul. But if you just look at each individual day and you see the amount of creativity then I think you would change your mind. New York - Men's is a marathon and a damn good one at that.