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New York - Men's SS17: Day 3

Day three of New York - Men's kicked off yesterday and if one thing is for sure, it is that the days of traditional tailoring are long gone. Heck, the days of traditional anything are long gone. Some brands are more chilled out than others and some brands are more eccentric than others. That's the beauty of this industry. 

Nick Graham kicked things off with a bit of a samba. I'm talking girls in thongs, a live band and even a bit of dancing. It was all very lively for a morning show. However, this all worked perfectly with Graham's collection with his floral shirts and paisley patterns fitting in nicely. It wasn't all girls dancing with Kenneth Ning, however. This was a collection that went for military ruggedness. Such a post apocalyptic feel. John Elliott went down the luxury route. This was a collection full of luxury. But functional luxury. And lets not forget about the depth the collection gave us. Deveaux gave us a collection that was suited for both beach and city. These pieces will give men a reason to shop. Themes always get repeated so I guess it was no surprise that we seen another Moroccan theme. This time with Rochambeau. Nautica kept with the adventurous theme but did things a little different. A tailored traveler was showcased throughout and how that traveler keeps a balance between sports and leisure in his life. Exciting to say the least. That adventurous streak ended with Tommy Hilfiger. Hilfiger stayed grounded and celebrated their heritage. And boy did they do it in style. 

Every collection had their own individual message. But the thing is, each message was heard loud and clear. So many collections gave us comfort, but even more gave us pieces that men will care about. Three days in and New York - Men's is still smashing it.