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Bill Cunningham - One Week On

Doesn't the world feel completely insane at the moment? I mean, just look at the American presidential race, the shootings in Orlando, everything that's happening with Britain, and then there is Turkey and Wales even reached the semi finals off Euro 2016. What's up? And at that it seemed an even crueler blow when the world lost Bill Cunningham just one week ago. After complications from a stroke, the treasured photographer passed away. You couldn't not love, Bill. Everyone loved him. He was like the mayor of fashion. And not just in New York. He was the Godfather of street style. He was the crusader of every self expressing male and female. This was a guy who had a deeply personal observance of life and was painfully passionate. His love for capturing people naturally will be one of the most cherished things for decades to come. Bill Cunningham was someone who lived life by seeing it and he captured each moment with such tender and care. I cant help but feel lucky to have even lived on the same planet as this guy.