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Paris Men's Fashion Week - SS17

It seems that's a wrap. We draw the curtains on the menswear shows for another six months. Well, at least in Europe. All the beautiful men and even nicer clothes (is that possible?) are gone from our phones and all we are left with are the footballers at the Euros, the tennis players at Wimbledon and the Olympic athletes. They are probably enough to look at though. However, if you did happen to miss some of the fun, here is a look back at Paris Men's Fashion Week - SS17.

Paris gave it all this time around. We had a couple of firsts and maybe even a few lasts, a few surprise appearances, celebrations and anniversaries. Travel, art and heritage were big themes in London and Milan and they seem to have continued on in Paris. You could get the sense of nostalgia around the place with many designers trying to pay respect to their pasts but also move on smoothly while creating something new, but traditional at the same time. 

Dior Homme really brought us to the funfair with a playful and optimistic setting. All the colours and a giant rollercoaster made for such fun. In complete contrast though, their angsty teenage models stomped down the runway with ripped sleeves, harnesses worn over tops and metal clips hanging off felts. There was definitely a sense of rebelliousness in the air with trousers either cut too short or left too long. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton brought us on a journey right back to Africa while taking a time portal all the way to a London that was ruled by punks. Who knew that could have worked? While Rick Owens gave us a dose of what reality is like. This was a show that went from dawn to dusk. It was almost like he started off with the clean slate a morning brings and then continued throughout the day with the experiences we gain throughout the day, to the celebration of the night. All of this only cementing Rick Owens as one of the finest creators of our time. However, that wasn't all. From polished pretty boys with small waists to ballooning proportions, Paris Men's Fashion Week - SS17 just kept on giving. 

From rollercoasters to angsty teenagers every parent has nightmares about, from polished pretty boys to ballooning proportions, from nostalgia to modern dreams - Paris Men's Fashion Week has always gave the fashion world a lot. It seems it keeps on doing so.