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Milan Men's Fashion Week - SS17

As one curtain closes on one runway we continue to stride through another. This time though its onto Milan and boy was it all about those boys. Streetwear continues to trump throughout menswear previews for next spring and summer while many collections showcased statement basics on which to build a wardrobe. However, Milan Men's Fashion Week and London Collections: Men had a lot more in common than some had thought this time around - summer journeys being the link. 

Milan Men's Fashion week is generally a celebration. A celebration of all things flashy and loud. However, that didn't seem to be the case for Jil Sander's collection. This was a collection that was perfectly fabricated and razor sharp but entirely harmless at the same time. Marni on the other hand spiced things up with a silly and fun collection. But silly and fun in a very modern way. Donatella on the other hand showed us a collection for the Versace man on the go. This rather sporty collection was executed with a brilliant eye for detail. It was very entertaining altogether. 

Milan is well known for its hugely dominate, old and luxury fashion houses so that is why it was rather refreshing to see something a little more youthful on day two. Sunnei gave us a collection that shows respect to its country's clothing heritage, but gave it a much needed shot of adrenaline for a complete breath of fresh air. It was a shame Prada couldn't continue that sense of youthfulness when they decided to showcase a full on hiking shop. I guess you cant win 'em all. 

Day three was pretty hard to digest. And that was all down to Gucci. They have been transformed under their new director and this was a collection that was so dreamy you never wanted it to end. And while we never wanted to return to reality because of the Gucci collection, Fendi went and brought us on a holiday. But to be honest, that was to be expected. However, they are only some of the good bits. 

Milan Men's Fashion Week is always fun and games. You can expect strong colours, toweling fabrics, plenty of sandals and lots you couldn't possibly digest in one sitting. Spring/Summer 17 certainly lived up to that reality.