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London Collections: Men SS17

London Collections: Men is regarded as one of the most fun and exciting events on the fashion schedule each year. Its hard to say otherwise. For a couple of days, the British capital is filled with homegrown tailors, contemporary luxury brands and all those newcomers who are eager to make a splash in the exclusive London pond. LC: M SS17 takes you out of your usual 9-to-5 and to the seaside, even Cuba in the fifties. And sometimes you got a hint of the Mediterranean. This time around it was all about getting out of the city and making the most of the summer, weather permitting of course. 

We all know how the Danish people love their minimalism, right? Not Astrid Andersen, though. Nope. Andersen let her models swagger down the runway in American-inspired sportswear staples on day one of the four day event. Essentially business as usual for Astrid. However, was is to come when the sportswear wave dies down? It was off to Morocco next with CMMN SWDN. Striped poplin, dry cotton and some cashmere set the scene for this show, alongside some diverse hues and a mash up of patterns. You would have thought you were at the center of a bustling Moroccan market. Craig Green took all the applause on day one (no surprise there). Green produced a show where the focal point that was playful while the imaginary sense of utility remained. This was a show that felt more like a theater performance and it showed how Green is getting better and better as the seasons progress. 

Some have said that day one got off to a shaky start, but that certainly wouldn't be the case for day two. It was almost like it started off with a giddy adrenaline rush, because of local boy Nasir Mazhar. This was a show where you could celebrate London for all its vibrant, multicultural glory. Matthew Miller took a step back in time with his latest collection. You will always find witty undertones to Miller's work but to be honest, at the end of the day he just makes amazing clothes that anyone could pull off. And that's not a credit many designers can achieve. 

Aitor Throup definitely put on a show, and then some. While KTZ seemed to be looking to the stars. However, day three was all about J.W. Anderson. This is a guy, along with Craig Green that draws people to LC: M. You would suspect that there is very little meaning behind his work - it is like he grabbing all these surreal moments from that wild imagination of his and making them into something not many would wear. However, this time around, Anderson had a few very wearable pieces, even if it is in his own weird, surrealist way. 

I always hate the fourth and final day of London Collections: Men. Why? Well, it means this is coming to an end. But I guess all great things must come to an end at some stage. However, this was not going to be a day to end without some excitement. Two young designers mad their play on why the future is bright for menswear in London. Kiko Kostadinov came at us with his first show which was nicely moody. It was a very promising start. And then we had Liam Hodges, a guy who is already making a name for himself. Hodges gave us a show with sliced up trousers, corrupt blousons and of course his signature chopped up sweatshirts. Not a bad ending at all. 

Clever concepts being brought together through razor sharp clothing, awkward experiments, tunics made out of cut out goldfish and clothes that you would see at a sexed up rave - this is why I love London Collections: Men.