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Dare I Change?

We have all bought impulsively, right? At one point at least. That's the beauty of online shopping. There has probably been a time where you drunkenly bought clothes that you would never actually try on in store because you were too nervous and didn't want to risk all those judging eyes. I've been there. But you know when you are browsing through a store, scrolling past all the skinny fitted jeans and then BAM! There he was - a pair of unconventional, wide-legged, cropped trouser. Who would have thought that I would have fallen in love. And with Summer on the horizon, I guess its time to get better acquainted with all these trouser options. In many cases, I am ashamed to say I only bought my first pair of wide legged, cropped trouser a few weeks ago and here I am blogging about men's fashion. The shame! 

I will be the first to admit that I was once very narrow minded when it came to wide-leg trousers. Of course, this type of trouser created a striking silhouette on the runway but were these designers trying to foist on us sceptical folk? Even for the banter? I always knew that there were different trouser types out there but I never thought I would try something else (that wasn't skinny), and not dislocate my ankle in the process, and actually like the way they fitted.

The menswear compass is moving in the direction of east to west and with it, more and more designers are challenging the current. Wide-leg trousers are actually more wearable than you think. They are a statement within themselves. When I first got mine, I was so uncertain. These were the wildcard going into a wardrobe of my staple pieces. However, just like everything we love, we find a way to make it work. 

Gone are the days of spray on oppression. You feel like you have just been freed from a stonewashed straitjacket. Movement without ease. Being able to put things in your pocket. Being able to sit down with the fear of a cheese grater bisecting your crotch. Ah, the wide-leg trouser. Liberating, indeed. Thankfully, what goes around in the world of fashion, comes right back around, and these beauties are getting another long overdue play.