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Chill Out & Wine Down

The turning of the seasons always signifies a time of change. Am I right? However, just because there is a rise in temperatures, this is certainly not a time to toast adieu to chilled wine. There is no greater bond than that between someone and their tipple of choice. Do you think Winston Churchill would have won the Noble Prize in Literature if he had of made himself a stiff tea instead of a whiskey? Apparently, alcohol is know for its mind expanding qualities. In this case, it certainly complemented the amazing food. Last night saw the launch of the summer wine and cocktail menu at The Exchequer wine bar in Ranelagh. And not only that, we got a preview of the new food menu. Think crab, walnut bread, Guiness spread, soft black pudding, duck and now multiple that by ten on your taste bud scale. Amazing. But enough words.