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The Styled Man Box - VI

Every season there is always a colour that is 'out there'. It dominates the runways and really confirms itself as the hue of the season. From in your face greens to vibrant oranges, its fair to say that almost every colour has had its day. However, there is one colour that always seems to stick around. Blue. Most men already own something blue - whether that is in the shades of the sky, cobalt, navy or aqua. This is a masculine hue and every guy out there can pull it off, I think. 

Blue is a male dominated colour. It is ingrained as a male oriented colour from birth after all. That is why the huge presence of the colour in my latest installment of 'The Styled Man Box' is no surprise. You get that boyish feel the moment you open the box. From socks, to lapel pins, to pocket squares - blue is the go to colour of this box with some yellow bringing out an adventurous side of us all. These colours are sensible and fail safe so whats not to love?