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COS AW16 Press Day

The sun is out but there is still a little bit of a chill in the air here in Ireland so I feel like it could not be a better time to attend an AW16 launch to try and at least imagine being in an aesthetically beautiful, wool jumper. And who better to kick things off, but COS. Set in true COS style, Tuesday's press day venue showcased that minimal subtly we have come to love. And I'm not only talking about the interior. . . 

This AW16 collection reinvents classic forms and gives us something new. It gives us something unforeseen. This is a collection full of interesting materials and these are visually appealing. Its almost like this collection has a playful purpose. For men, a reflective vest caught my eye and then I fell in love with a white roll neck. Cant say I'm too shocked there. But it didn't end there. Close your eyes and think about exaggerated shapes and geometric cuts and then throw the colours white, navy, burgundy and forest green into the mix and you will have a pretty strong idea of what this collection is really about. Spring has barely begun, but I am already thinking about what to wear this Autumn/Winter.



Jess said…
As per usual the best designs look clean and sharp. Very Scandinavian I'd say!