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Blurring Boundaries

The question is not so much if we will be convinced into unisex dressing but why this is happening now? I'm thinking it. You're thinking it. We are all thinking it. However, it isn't hard to find evidence of fashion melting gendered clothes into one wardrobe that appeals to both sexes. Just look at J.W. Anderson. In real life he loves to wear a unisex uniform, while on the catwalk he has done more than blur the boundaries. He hasn't been the only one boundary pushing though. Gucci new boy, Alessandro Michelesent, sent his models out in chiffon and lace in the past, while Mrs Prada admitted that working on menswear always left her wondering how she could apply the same ideas to women. 

You don't have to look far to see that, culturally, we have been here before. We had Tilda Swinton working androgynous suits, Bobby Gillespie being spotted in chiffon and of course, the maestro himself, David Bowie. Unless you have been living under a rock, it doesn't take much to notice that menswear and womenswear have shifted in recent seasons in terms of taste. I feel like womenswear has lost its edge, while I'm really enjoying menswear getting its flounce on. Am I biased in saying that though? But maybe menswear is becoming more feminine and not the other way around? 

Fashion loves oddness and it loves to shock. Seeing a man in a skirt may seem strange but if you look at any of the catwalk photos, you will see just how manly they look. It is a fascinating subject and many disagree with the whole issue of gender bending but is it not time to embrace it? Should we not already be past the debate?