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The Styled Man Box - V

Spring/Summer is that time of year when colour and pattern is widely accepted as most designers move away from the muted tones of grey, black and navy. And while bright colours are always a focal point during these months, it is nice to see that pattern is making its mark. When the warm weather comes, the stripes come out to play. 

Stripes are traditionally paired with bright colours during the warmer months so I find it really refreshing when I come across stripes that are paired with black or grey. Sticking to that minimal color palette, I am. Having said that, I am not surprised that The Styled Man Box have nailed it on the head and sent me another box that I really enjoyed. Its one thing getting a subscription box and liking one thing out of it, but when everything appeals to you then you know you are onto something. The boys in Boston know me too well. My love affair with grey is strong but after opening this box, my love affair with those socks is even stronger. Not just the socks though. Look at that lapel pin, that pocket square (cheeky brand logo and all), that tie... You need to get yourself a subscription box from these guys.