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Roll With It

Many would say that menswear doesn't flow as smoothly as womenswear. Would they be wrong? That's down to opinion. However, menswear does get its fair share of difficult trends. Just look at kilts. Am I right? Its so hard to find something that looks decent and is actually easy to wear. Style and practicality don't go hand in hand that often. Its just asking too much. So, when the roll neck jumper rolled on into town, it was a breath of fresh air. It has comfort and it looks slick. Whats not to love? 

Way before the Milk Tray man and Steve Jobs came about, there was the roll neck jumper. It was seen as a stylish piece that fought off the cold. It is thought that it came about in the 15th century. That's a whopping 600 years. Yep, six, zero, zero. Just like then, the roll neck is a utility. Men appreciate the amount of fabric a roll neck has. Especially when faced with a chilly commute or an overenthusiastic blast of air con. Look back at really old photos of academics, professors, poets, philosophers and prepsters. What will you find? They all found solace in the roll neck. 

I feel like the majority of guys have classed roll necks as wardrobe villains because they think they are impossible to style. That's not the case. Just look at Daniel Craig in Spectre. He looked pretty good, right? Roll necks look so good under a blazer. Makes such a change from that shirt and tie combo. And not only that, troll necks can be worn on a more casual basis as well. Go get yourself one. 

Right now, I am definitely pro-roll neck. Its all I wear. Thankfully they are very much so suited to the Irish climate. They are such a versatile piece. They give you that modern, refined look and I think all men love that. Who doesn't want a timeless classic and comfort all in one? Just roll with it.