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House of Fraser SS16 Press Day

Do you ever find the best way to kick those winter blues is to start looking ahead to sunnier days? It's March and we are in Ireland so it means it is still just like Winter but whether its booking a holiday, changing your laptop background to something exotic (I know you've done it!), or even getting your daily dose of vitamin D from Instagram, its funny how the little things can make a huge difference. It is the little things like that and when House of Fraser decide to turn an open space into a little fun exotic island that is full of vitamin D - while you can see the lashing rain on the other side of the window. It's like being in two places at once, kinda. 

While it was pretty strange looking at a SS16 collection knowing what was outside, House of Fraser's new collection brought so much brightness to a pretty gloomy day in Dublin. A collection that would tempt you to just pack a suitcase and head away mixed with neutral colours and patterns that you would die for - this collection would have you needing more than wanting. They are both different things right? They even added menswear lines for the first time. Winning. Pretty pastels and scandi-inspired styles all punctuated the core of the collection perfectly. Such a fun outing.