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Detoxing In Moderation

Have you ever realised how much of a toxic dump your body actually is? I say this after consuming several pints, a box of pringles and a bag of chips a mere few hours prior. Judge me because I am. Apparently during a normal year we breathe about 2g air pollution, eat 14lbs of food additives and absorb nearly a gallon of pesticides. And all of that is even before you think about the likes of Christmas day, birthdays and of course several nights of sessioning. We all made those new years resolutions to get fit, eat fruit and get off that PS4. I know you did. But surely its not that hard to do, right? 

Drinking all the water you can should be the easiest one. They say at least 2 liters a day. If you don't already do that then shame on you. Water is like the nicest thing. Learn to love it. Hit the Gym. You don't have to only go to the gym to build muscle. Keeping your body moving keeps your system moving so therefore the toxins in your body are pushed out. Muscle would be nice too though. 

It really is the little things that go a long way. Sugar not only affects the waistline, but gives you wrinkles so cut back. Smoking is smoking, etc. I'm in no way a role model but I know how to look after myself. Do the above and more. Buy a face scrub, throw a little bit of moisturiser on. Its really not that hard. People talk about detoxes like they are a hard thing to do but I feel like it comes down to making yourself feel good. And no 30 day detox would make me feel better. A bit of water and it will be grand. Stimulate yourself. Ahem.