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Carry On

It doesn't matter if you are going away on a weekend break or just moving into your best friends house for a few days, your luggage matters. We all love to look good so why shouldn't we all want to transport our belongings in something stylish? Realistically it needs to stand up to the trails of modern travelling. Am I right? You got to think about those times when you are throwing it onto a train, pushing it into a car boot or even squeezing another bag into another. We have all done it. There are so many options available today for the modern male so its really important that you find a bag that delivers aesthetically and of course, performance wise. 

I'm not gonna lie, I am really picky when it comes to bags. I always hated carrying one around, I hated the bulkiness of them on my back. But I always wanted to bring everything and the kitchen sink when I left the apartment. Finding my rains backpack in Urban Outfitters was like true love. Its the little things that get me. This bag is long (like me) and it could fit exactly what I needed on a daily basis. And speaking of little things, I feel like a wash bag should always be in your bag. Who knows where that day will bring you after all. Or is that just me being anal? 

Handcrafted in a small shop in Arizona with just eight employees, I was only delighted to get this gift from my sister. Made from pure leather from the guys at LifeTime Leather and Co. and that added personal touch with my initials made this the perfect bag for me. Beyond my pickiness, she knows me too well. She even saved me from that awkward moment a boy see's "MA" or "MAG" stitched into your wash bag. The joys of having three first names in Mark Anthony Graham.