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Three Whole Years

This is well and truly the age of personality. It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity, brand or even a blogger. If you want to stand out, above all this digital noise, there needs to be a singular voice or personality. Social media is like skimming stones - sometimes those tweets and snaps sink without a trace and other times they just keep on bouncing on. Everybody is competing with each other for that same slice of people's time and attention all the while wanting to build on their marketing net by gaining more followers and likes.

Having said that, I cant help but feel so lucky for the amount of opportunities that have come my way over the past three years. This day three years ago I started "Mark My Style" and I cant help but feel so lucky to have been able to blog for that amount of time. That's not a huge amount in the blogging world but I actually couldn't be happier with how much I have actually achieved. I have laughed, cried and blushed along the way and it has all been completely worth it. From general life musings to style snaps, you just never know what the next day will bring. This blog has been my greatest achievement so far and I actually could not be prouder.