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The Styled Man Box - IV

Trends come and go, we know that. However, there is something endlessly chic and timeless about the colour black. Now I know its not a colour, theoretically. But in fashion terms. Give me a break. I feel like black is one of the easiest colours to wear. It is so sophisticated and it goes with nearly everything. Saying that, it made for an excellent choice in my latest addition of The Styled Man Box. 

The boys in Boston know how much I love black so they have opted for suave and sophisticated this time around. Sticking with black and a hint of red hues made this into a very classic and refined gift. I couldn't have been happier. Inside I found a slick skinny black tie, some shoe laces - because you never know, a set of new bracelets and some face scrub from clinique. My fav though had to be the pocket square. This black and grey paisley pocket square with red trimming will definitely fit in nicely with the collection. This time around there was a little black pouch included. This little beauty is a gift for 'her'. Such a good idea. Maybe a little give away competition is in order? 

It doesn't matter if you wear black everything all day, every day. You can never have enough of the colour. More of this, please.