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Pink To Make The Boys Wink?

A lot of men think pink as something that only comes cut with an A-line hem or replete with buttons that fasten the wrong way' round. It is a colour very much under-represented in our wardrobes, or in my case, on my head. Many think of pink as an effeminate colour, and in most cases, you wouldnt be wrong. However, I feel like its the way you style it and the confidence with which you have to pull it off. Pink is a personality in itself. Because it is absence from so many outfits, it will always stand out. As long as you pick hues that compliment your skin tone and that sit well with the rest of your outfit. You will be like a pig in s***e. 

When it comes to pink, you need to work oppositionally. You can’t really wear a lot of pink if you’re very light-skinned. That’s not to say pastels are banned if you don’t take your tanning queues from Chippendales (either the furniture or the equally oaky-hued stripping crew). Just keep it subtle and away from your skin. Like a pocket square or a pink sock.

And – contrary to popular opinion – pink’s no struggle to fit into what you already wear. It plays especially well with the masculine colours you’re already repping – there’s a reason that pink shirt and deep blue suit has become the City Boy’s power dressing staple.

Real men wear pink. Just make sure it’s the right one for you, and that you’re careful with its placement. If peacocking’s bad, then flamingoing is even worse.