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Men's Fashion Week - New York

Men's fashion weeks across the globe open up a world of expectation each year. You never know if you are somehow going to see Kim Kardashians ass or if a guy is going to walk that runway wearing a turtle. Given the high quality of shows that were pulled off in London, Paris and Milan recently, the expectations were understandably high for New York. However, the playing field seemed wide open for some ballsy innovator to make their mark. 

The four day event showcased so many chic ensembles that could and would definitely work for both men and women. This is exciting because it just proves that the move for more gender neutral clothing is without a doubt in full force. "Borrowing from the boys" is a term frequently used in my life but after seeing the collections showcased here, I feel like that will be no longer. I want so much for me, and me only. No more sharing.



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