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It's All In The Details

Have you ever noticed that it is the little things in life that make us happy? The world we live in is incredibly image conscious. Trying to define yourself is really hard. There is no doubt that the well dressed male is now a universal phenomenon. Its down to each individual on how they decide to make their outfit stand out. Personally, I think it's in the details. Its about the things that we think about, but never really think about. 

A flash of colour on the wrist, playful phone covers or even a printed sock. These are just a couple of things that you can enhance your outfit with. And this is all without shouting it on the street, embarrassment or even breaking the bank. Surprising people with an accessory that they are not expecting provides a great point of focus. 

Short sleeves, long sleeves, polo's or t-shirts - it's pretty amazing what rolling up your sleeves can do for an outfit. It's that simple. Even adding a back pack to an outfit can change how you feel about it. Don't over think what you are doing. I find that when I over think an outfit, it stresses me out and I just don't enjoy my day. 

Of course, my favourite part of any outfit is the sock. Shocker. Recently I have been loving the minimal look by sporting a black sock, however, that still doesn't change the amount of crazy socks in my wardrobe. I feel like there shouldn't be any rules when it comes to socks. They give that extra pop. Think of all the fun you can have. Yes, socks are just that fun. 

It is all about thinking outside the box. Now I am not saying go out and surprise people with an outfit made of burger buns. I don't need to call the crack house. Its all about what works for you.