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H&M Studio S/S16 Press Day

It was almost like the sun rose slowly over the horizon as the jungle became clear with each ray of light. You could hear the birds chirp with all their heart and that triggered all my excitement. The morning breeze toured the jungle which made the flowers and leaves tango. All the lush evergreens stood as firm as could be, as if they were hanging on for their own life. The terrain beneath looked rough and sandy but it was comforting. As I started to make my way through the jungle I realised that I'm not in a jungle...H&M just did a very good job of delving into a theme for their H&M Studio S/S 16 press event. You can't blame me for my inner child coming out though, right? 

With the colour scheme going from primary shades and sun faded yellows to eggshell and tea dyed naturals, this is one collection that did not disappoint. From a yarn dyed workwear blazer to functional sport leggings, you could see that this was a collection that would suit many. H&M seem to view their ideal customer as someone who is always exploring. It doesn't matter if they are hitting up the city or on the trip of a lifetime. Functionality is key. Its about finding yourself in the city or travelling into the unknown. A way of life.