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The Styled Man Box - III

Every couple of weeks I get this slip from the post office that tells me I have a parcel waiting for me. And every couple of weeks I tend to forget what it is, somehow - that is until I see that it came from Boston. That's when the excitement really kicks in. I never know what the boys have hand picked for me but I know its something I will like. They know to much at this stage.

Given its recent popularity over the past couple of seasons, it was no huge surprise to see mostly burgundy populate this box. Did you know the colour burgundy is mostly associated with wine from a french region of the same name? The colour was always worn for formal events in Victorian Britain. The colour epitomised elegance, apparently. There's a few fun facts for you. And speaking of fun, I got these really cool socks in the box to add to the collection. I do love some abstract shapes down there. Take that mind out of the gutter. As well as that, there was a beautiful printed tie, a fab lapel pin and a pocket square to bring it all together. Whats not to love? 

New year, new you is it? How about we forget the false promises and you go treat yourself instead?