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Raising Questions

London Collections: Men is set to kick-off the fashion season this week and major 'FOMO' is mounting amongst those not holding tickets - myself included. However, its not all doom and gloom. Streaming a fashion show live is nothing new, not in this day and age. But streaming a show exclusively through gap dating app Grindr is unheard of. J.W. Anderson has once again upped the ante by announcing that Grindr users will receive a link and code this coming Sunday where they will be able to view the collection during its its presentation at LC:M. While Grindr users will tell you that this is an app associated with a lack of clothing (usually), both parties have high hopes for the collaboration. 

Fashion is a very big topic of interest amongst gay men so I can see why this collaboration has come about. But I can also see a lot of people calling Anderson and Grindr "sellouts". Like each and every collaboration this year, there has been a lot of money involved so why not call them a sellout? I feel like this collaboration has come down to the swift change in mens fashion. Womenswear as we know it swings back and forth at a regular speed and is very repetitive. While we are told that shifts in menswear are very slow. How wrong. If this collaboration tells us anything its that every aspect of modern masculinity is being questioned. This just cements that fact that the times are changing within menswear. The questions of sexuality, power and gender that are being raised are far more interesting than whether guys will sport an off the shoulder number or actually wear a skirt. Anderson and Grindr are questioning the fundamentals: sexuality and gender identity, the position and role of the postmodern male. It doesn't all have to be sports and anger.