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Men's Fashion Week - Milan

Embroidered jackets, cropped trousers, pussy bows, and oversized sweaters - Just some of the items that we are used to seeing on womenswear runways. However, they seem to be looks that have been hitting menswear shows in London and Milan so far. Gender neutrality is having such a strong moment, especially on the menswear scene, and that is thanks to all these forward thinking designers who have infused their autumn runways with pieces that can easily work on either sex. 

Just like London Collections: Men, Milan did not fail to impress. 'Futuristic' was the buzz word for Emporio Armani this time around with models being decked out in tin-foil silver snow parkas that were paired with swirling black, white and grey trousers. While Etro took everyone on a journey through the great outdoors. Plaid patterns, oversized scarves and cashmere jackets were just some of the things on show. Antonio Marras decided to go with a cowboy theme that was actually kind of charming. Tartan, floral and leopard print were just some of the pieces to be showcased. Prada then told us a mariner's tale. Sturdy coats, cropped and cuffed trousers were all worn by the flawless models. Attention to detail was everything here with looks being topped off with sailor caps, key chain clusters and square boxed purses that were tucked into models pockets. How great does all this sound? They aren't even the best bits. Take a look at some of my favourite looks. 

Men's Fashion Week - Milan has shown us that guys' fashion has a lot to offer your wardrobe, too. Just look at the amount of innovation here.