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London Collections: Men - Day 4

Fashion as we know it is always in search of the new. Be that a different material or even the unexpected silhouette. However, every commercial brand knows that they need to know their customers. And if they do they would know that pushing men out of their comfort zones is very high risk. I think its safe to say that that risk has been taken throughout LC:M. 

And speaking of risks, Burberry decided to bring a new ease and reality to their mix. They put a huge emphasis this time around on field jackets, tracksuits and military coats. Not the Burberry we are use to you could say. Throughout the show only one tailored jacket and tie made an appearance. Menswear seems to have set its stall on a new informality: military parkas, sneakers and tech padded coats. You can see that Burberry just went along with that. 

We have seen a lot of great young designers over the weekend and Liam Hodges fits right in with that pack. Hodges showed just how creative he is with a huge amount of sportswear DNA. Dominated by sharp white, black and blue, these were some of his most cohesive pieces yet. This is a guy with serious promise. Another promising collection was that of Christopher Raeburn. It almost seems like you are on a voyage in Mongolia when you are looking at these pieces. Raeburn showcased adventurous tops and quilted anoraks to keep things very outdoorsy. And it was a muted, militaristic palette that was dominated by olive and khaki that helped portray that outdoorsy feel. All very solid pieces. 

And that brings a close to London Collections: Men. All the old rules have been well and truly dumped and new ones have been written - kinda. You could sense the adventurous spirit of the designers over the past four days. And that is so good. Nobody likes to endure the same thing time after time. Every designer that put something on those catwalks this weekend should be very proud because they have appealed to many and put excitement into everybody. Everything was interesting to look at and there is something to offer every savvy 21st century male - thankfully. At the touch of a button, we can feast our eyes on everything and anything we want to. London Collections: Men should be your next feast.