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Frockadvisor - Get The App!

When we are asked where the worlds best shopping destinations are, the majority of us think about Oxford Street in London, little gems found throughout Paris and of course, the skyscrapers around New York. What most people don't realise though is that there is a wealth of remarkable places to be visited. Stocking some of the most coveted brands, independent retailers bring cutting edge fashion to all of us. With most people being swayed by speed and convenience, fast fashion is definitely taking over, if it hasn't already done so. If only there was an app specifically made so you could browse all your favourite boutiques from your very own couch. Sigh. Oh wait, there is. 

The whole team at Frockadvisor know that boutiques can be few and far between so to help provide you with that truly personal customer service and to show you that the heart of boutiques is still very much beating, they have created this amazing app. Tell me you have downloaded it already? Within the app you can follow so many unique places from the very end of Ireland to the edge of the UK. The app helps you keep up to date with all the new stock, discounts and so much more. As well as that, any user can post of photo of something they have been chasing for ages and their favoutite boutique/s can respond via fotocon (photographic conversation) by sending pictures of something similar that they may have in stock. How cool is that? And well if you get tired of shopping to much, you can take a break and have a scroll through all the daily updated content. From fashion to lifestyle news, you are covered. You would be going straight to my pieces though, right?  Frockadvisor offers you the chance to truly find something different. This is definitely something incomparable to even the most discerning of style enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for?