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Thank You Zaconey

By now, you should have taken that dinner jacket out of storage and it should be dusted off at this stage. You are probably regretting that you didn't put those mothballs in with it, right? Or maybe you are just kicking yourself that you didn't invest in that velvet one? Only you will know. However, the party season doesn't just stop with what you are wearing. It is that time for easing off and letting go so why not do it in style?

I am actually so happy with this package from Zaconey. Look at that amazing packaging! Of course I would always promote drinking responsibly but if you feel like tinsel fits in well with your chosen attire after a few scoops then you go for it. 'Tis the season after all. We are all aware of the potential pitfalls throughout the party season. From turning up underdressed to getting to turnt up, we all know its not always plain sailing. However, I feel like having a Zaconey in hand could help ease those potential woes. No? Regardless, I am very happy with this early Christmas present.