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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

So you've got your grey socks your black socks and you even have your navy ones. How adventurous of you. You've surely got the sock department covered now? Right? Wrong. Well maybe you do. But it’s beginning to look a lot like… (you get the picture). Socks are one of the most underrated part of the everyday male’s wardrobe and I feel like that needs to change. 'Tis the season and all. The easiest way to get your head around incorporating Christmas socks into your look is to think of them as an accessory. Look at them as you would a watch or a pocket square. Socks are the easiest way of adding a bit of colour to your outfits. Shake off the cold and have a little fun and let your character shine through. 

And well if you feel like you don't want to show off your socks this Christmas then why not stuff everyone else's stockings with them? Colorful snowman socks for Karl, crazy reindeer socks for Ruth and a pair or two festive pairs for yourself. Why not, you’ve earned it. Everyone loves a good is an undeniable fact. I think?