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Let The Celebrations Begin

Life is about progression. Learning that change is good, and accepting it, is what being a human is all about. The same can be said for blogging and the journey that all of us take from a complete rookie to a seasoned pro. Because what you liked a couple of years ago, you may not be such a big fan of now. Like, I was all about pasta bakes a few years back when I was studying for my degree. These days? Nah, I’m not too fond of that anymore. Things have changed, I’m afraid. When you first start out in the blogging world, it can all be a bit too much to take in. Blogging has progressed to a level where the choices and options available to the average person are at an overwhelming level. But once you've learned the rules of the game – you can then learn how to break them moving forward. 

This is the age of personality. Whether it be a celebrity, brand or blogger, in order to stand out, above the digital noise, there needs to be a singular voice or personality to communicate through those all important social media channels. And it is these personalities that will be showcased at this Sundays Irish Blogger Association's very first birthday. I am actually delighted to sit on the very first male blogging panel in Lillie's Bordello this coming weekend. Who wouldn't want to spend an evening with the likes of  Holly Shortall, James Kavanagh, Jamie Tuohy, Damien Broderick, JustKassi, Ciamh McCrory and Timi Ogunyemi? To name a few of course. With cocktails waiting to be made, gift bags bursting open and conversation sparks being thought of, what else would you be doing on a Sunday afternoon? Come spend it with us. You wont regret it.