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Hats Off To You

I used to watch a lot of cartoons when I was younger. Thundercats, Transformers – you name it, I watched it. One of my particular favourites was Inspector Gadget, a dipstick of a detective in the Clouseau mould who somehow defeated his enemy Dr. Claw each week through a combination of help from his dog Brain, his niece Penny, and his tech-crammed hat. I was fascinated by the go-go gadget hands/’copter/’brella/binoculars that sprang from his fedora. But over the years, as I came to terms with the fact that Inspector Gadget was a fictional character and therefore the intricacies of storing all those devices in a modestly sized hat were beyond modern technology, I gradually came to the conclusion that I hate hats. I’m not entirely sure where this came from, but there are clues to be found in my formative years.

And so a lifetime of hat hatred commenced; my suspicion deepened further when I decided to cultivate a particularly fluid head of hair – the hat being the natural enemy of the quiff. But leaving aside my particular horror shows, I genuinely don’t get hats in general, particularly on men. Dont get me wrong, a lot of guys pull them off really, really well, but Maybe I'm just jealous of the ones that can pull hats off, I dunno? Maybe I'm just to self conscious that I will ruin my hair?

I guess what makes the hat for a hat wearer should be its longetivity. What suits you and your existing wardrobe? And which hats are adaptable to the majority of your favourite looks? Whatever the look, I take my imaginary hat off to you.