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Black On Black

Trends come and go, but there’s something endlessly chic and timeless about the colour black. Now, before you start getting all technical on me – I am aware that black is theoretically not a colour. But I'm talking in fashion terms, so try to give me this one guys. Not only is black easy to wear and combines with pretty much anything, it’s also extremely sophisticated, which makes it an excellent choice for the upcoming party season.

When it comes to party season, suave and sophisticated is definitely the way to go. Of course, statement blazers in colourful hues have a time and a place – but stick to black if you want to take a classic and refined approach. Although you might consider it a little safe, it’s often ideal for work events or dress codes when you’re not entirely sure what’s appropriate. That being said, black definitely doesn't need to be boring. Try introducing some statement detailing, such as metallic finishes, satin/leather lapels or velvet construction.

To inject some life into your dark winter formal wear, reach for a bow tie in a colour or print, such as burgundy or polka dot. Or, to really get into the spirit of the festive party season, try adding a sequinned or shimmery metallic version to your dinner suit. You’ll give your look an instant dose of disco-inspired shine – nodding to the recent revival of 1970s-inspired style. For those unafraid to really commit to the colour black – why not lose the white? An all-black outfit looks sharp and sophisticated when executed correctly, so don’t be afraid to test the waters.

Away from Christmas parties and other formal events, black is also a stylish choice for off-duty dressing. All-black and monochrome ensembles look super slick and will instantly take any casual winter look up a notch. The key thing to remember with any single colour outfit is to vary the tones and textures – whether that be combining pieces in multiple shades of black/grey or different fabrics. This helps provide clear definition and separation between each piece.

Whatever the occasion this winter – whether it’s a decadent Christmas party or quiet night in with friends and family – black is the ideal colour to turn to. Timeless, easy to wear and always the most suave and sophisticated choice, never underestimate the power of black attire.