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My Second Frockadvisor Feature

Have you ever been surrounded by something for ages and end up getting frustrated by it? It happens to us all, right? Its just there wanting the attention and you just cant deal with it because you have lost all your passion for this said thing. Like your wardrobe for example. Your wardrobe wants you to be creative with it. But its hard to wake up each morning with that same passion that you once had. However, change is good. A little refreshment. Be a little bold. 

Still as excited as I was last month, I love seeing my name over on Frockadvisor. They even go as far as calling me their ever so stylish contributor. I could get use to that. But if you cant get use to hating your wardrobe from time to time then why don't you head on over to check out my latest piece for them on how us men can learn a thing or two from the opposite sex.