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In The Morning

Everybody likes a lie in and morning’s can be hard work if you don’t get enough sleep. It can be impossible to convince yourself to actually get up, especially if you’re doling out your precious time for a shower, choosing your outfit and doing your hair. But it’s important to make the most of your mornings, they can help determine the rest of your day and lay foundations for better habits and a more productive week. I work a lot and my hours are never consistent so I never know what to expect each week and I wont lie, that makes me anxious, but when I stick to the little things each morning I don't feel like crawling under a desk and crying by 1 pm. I know sometimes bad days seem inevitable — you miss the bus, arrive late to work, then forget a major deadline — but it’s how we handle these unforeseen events that determines the quality of our day.

Jumping out of bed and rushing to work definitely doesn't help me calibrate for what the day will throw in my face so I like to try get up early. "Try" being the key word here. I feel like when you get up early you instantly feel better about the day because there is so many more hours to do stuff. What is it that those coffee mugs say about you and Beyonce having the same amount of hours in a day? Oh wait. I'm not one to talk, but at least try and have breakfast. I tend to spend more time on my hair than I do eating. Not ideal. Even something at *basic* as avocado on toast is a great start to the day. Not every breakfast has to be an Instagram opportunity. Don't take that seriously. I kid. 

They say getting active in the morning releases feel-good endorphin's into the bloodstream, reducing stress and anxiety. Surely getting out of bed would be enough. Sigh. I tend to switch on Spotify straight away. You know, that feel-good music that makes you want to move around and do something productive. I even take the iPad to the shower with me so nobody hears how amazing my voice is and wants me to recreate "The Sound Of Music" on Broadway. Its those songs that instantly put you in a good mood. It makes mornings so much more fun when you've got those tunes playing in the background as you get ready. 

Whether you blog to your hearts content twenty four seven or sit at a desk all week counting down the minutes until Friday hits, we all have our own routines that work for us. It could even be as simple as treating yourself. Whether that be to end your day with a glass of wine, your favourite dessert, a pamper session, a long bath or even some time to yourself to read a favourite book. Looking forward to something at the end of my day always gets me through an afternoon slump. Now for that big glass of wine treat...