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Feature N° 3 via Frockadvisor

As a male blogger you could say that the role of men in the fashion blogging industry is something I've been fascinated by - I've heard they are the "secret sauce" behind the lens (often as the boyfriend taking the glorified photos of ladies on the street) - but a growing number of men have been stepping in front of the camera, albeit, in a much different way. When you read a menswear post, written by a man of course, its like reading a short piece of literature. Men talk a lot about what makes the item special - whether it involves a backpack inspired by a mountainside, a fedora hand-crafted from an elderly milliner in Spain, or a one-of-a-kind bar of soap made only from salt and the spirit of the sea. The who, what, where, and when, all lead to the 'why this is the greatest product of all time'. Furthermore, if you were to put the top five leading womenswear fashion blogs and the top five leading menswear fashion blogs side by side, the disparities are not so much in the photos or design, but mostly in the writing. It seems the guys are far more insightful in their analysis of clothing. Are you thinking why is this? I thought so. 

Everything about Frockadvisor excites me. You all already know that. But I like saying it. And you cant really blame me when they go ahead and put my article on their rolling feature page for everyone to see. Like come on. Eeeek. So, if you want to see if women fashion bloggers have got a thing or two to learn from their male counterparts then you should click on the following links.