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Coffee To Go

Somewhere between manic Mondays and obsessing about latest fads in town, a little trend, that’s got nothing to do with fashion actually, crawled its way right into our posh little sleepy mornings lives. Nope, it's not a bag. Not even a leather jacket. Rather, it's a cup — sometimes a mug — of coffee. Matcha or cappuccino if you're feeling fancy. The truth is, our days often call for a little extra fuel, and with the photo op presenting itself in the form of a paper cup, we can't help but snap away. When the hell did coffee to go just become the new attention whore in town? Seriously now, that cute little plastic cup is seen in more and more street style pics, and we are just as guilty as the next fashionista for this morning social movement. We all love and drink coffee, and have carried our cups around town more than once. Your coffee order and your personal style absolutely go hand-in-hand, so the question is then… How do you take your coffee? 

Are you that city girl at heart that takes a black coffee? No fuss and straight to the point. Oh how minamlist of you. Maybe you like the cool classic that is a latte? Taking that laidback and chic approach eh? I hear you. Or are you that downtown boy that has a cutthroat outlook when it comes to your caffeine and your closet packs a punch, just like your morning espresso. Or maybe you think all the classics are boring and rather taking your coffee on ice? You tell me. Your style is classic and polished so you probably drink cappachinos, right? I'm all for those timeless things that never change. And I guess, while we are talking about snapping coffee we cant forget about those creative minds that crave lattes with foam art. You cant help but snap them up. 

Regardless of how you take your coffee, if you are like me we all have one thing in common, national coffee day happens every day. We all talk excessively and have a couple of guilty pleasures on the side. We have good weeks and we have bad weeks. But while we await that daily dose of caffeine while trying to whisper our way out of all situations daily in the mornings, there is nothing better to have in your hand.