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Article No. 19 | EILE Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 5

This is the age of personality. Whether it be a celebrity, brand or blogger, in order to stand out, above the digital noise, there needs to be a singular voice or personality to communicate through those all important social media channels. I've always said social media is a little bit like skimming stones: sometimes those tweets or instagrams just plop and sink without a trace and other times they can bounce on and on, much further than you imagined. These streams of digital information need to catch our interest. Everybody is competing for the same slices of people’s time and attention, not to mention wanting to broaden their marketing net by gaining followers and likes. In this months EILE Magazine I take a look at how bloggers have risen up into this space to become the editors of the Internet and help brands keep that stone skimming. 

As you know it doesn't stop there. You would be silly to miss this months brilliant features and interviews. This issue is packed more than ever with opinion pieces, music & film reviews, articles, news stories, and so much more! As always, the links are as follows: