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Almost There

Whether you’re attending weddings, parties, proms, graduations – it’s approaching that time of year when our calendars are full of social events. After waiting all summer for a chance to eat, drink, party and be merry, quite frankly, it’s about time the blog awards Ireland 2015 came around! So having received the invitation to this speakeasy meets burlesque soiree I couldn't stop thinking about the dress code. You could say I was quite puzzled and there was a lot of head-scratching. I began delving into the seldom seen depths of my wardrobe in a confused state with the hope of finding some magical solution to this rather ambiguous form of dress. What exactly was I to wear and how do you effectively execute this look? After such generosity from BooHoo Man and many last gasp deliveries from asos, I finally complete my outfit of choice. Phew!

I cant help but feel so lucky for the amount I have achieved in such a short period with this blog. I still cant believe I made the final few for this years awards but I couldn't be happier to be amongst so many great bloggers. Every blogger is out there competing for the same slice of peoples time and attention but in just a few hours I cant wait to be there celebrating just that. Over the past few months especially, I have blogged to my hearts content so I hope that pays off tonight. Even if it is just to justify blogging naked...