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White Out

When it comes to style, sometimes less really is more. As much as bright colours and vivid prints have their place in every man’s wardrobe, the power of taking a minimal approach should not be underestimated. Much of the popularity of the white-on-white look is down to its clean, fresh and contemporary feel. Sometimes – while everyone else is busy making statements with eye-catching hues and clashing patterns – all it takes is a neutral ensemble to set a man apart from his peers.

Clearly, the white-on-white trend is a bold statement. But there’s no denying that it’s a perfect choice for summer and offers a refreshing change to the bright colours and patterns that have inundated menswear in recent seasons. All-white tailoring can be particularly difficult to pull off, and it is important to ensure that you consider the occasion. For example, an all-white suit is much more appropriate for a smart-casual summer event – such as a garden party or beach wedding – than it is the office. I battle with the idea of wearing all white to work everyday. Sigh. 

Also be aware that tones of white and cream naturally add bulk/size to your frame. Great if you’re a skinny male and want to create the illusion of broader shoulders, but not so great if you’re a larger gentleman and want to create the appearance of a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette. Finally, there’s no getting away from the practicality aspect. White is much more susceptible to stains and dirt than other hues, and the colour often loses its lustre after just a few washes. Walking the runway in a perfectly tailored, crisp white suit is always going to look more impressive than walking your local high street with coffee stains on your jacket lapels and dirt on your trouser hems.

Although this is a trend that raises real practicality concerns, especially for those who don’t live in hot climates, the white-on-white trend is undeniably striking and cannot fail to get you noticed.