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Socks, Socks, Socks

So you've got your grey socks. You also have your black socks. And just because you were feeling adventurous that day, you happen to have some navy socks too. Surely you've got the sock department covered now? Right? Wrong. I think one of the most underrated and under-used part of the everyday male’s wardrobe is socks, and if people understood a few basic rules in regards to them, we all would start to have a lot more fun with them. God knows I do.

The easiest way to get your head around incorporating interesting socks into your look is to think of them as an accessory. By which I mean put them in the same category as your watch, scarves and pocket squares. View them as a really easy way to add a shot of colour, especially for the cold months that we cant seem to shake, and just a great way of showing that you have a bit of character and can have fun with fashion.

For the majority of the male population, socks serve a solitary purpose, practicality. They often fail to register even an afterthought of due attention, presenting a sorely missed opportunity. In fact, I can guarantee that once you have bought your first pair of quality fashion socks, you will wonder how your outfits ever sufficed without them. Without wanting to sound over the top, they open up a world of possibilities when it comes to putting together a well considered and coherent look – a role those worn out sports socks you currently own will never be able to fulfill.

Block colours are a simple place to start. This means working with pastels, brights or generally anything that doesn't come under the neutral tag. Try to pick out accent colours in your look – such as a tie – and contrast or compliment your socks to fit. There is of course nothing wrong with basing your sock choice on the hue of your knitwear but sometimes, less is more. Like when wearing neutrals, don’t get too matchy. If you’re picking out an orange hue, try contrasting the orange with blue. When going for patterns, try to pick out colours that are above the waistline and don’t match the pattern of your socks to a pattern already in the rest of your look.

We've become all-too notorious for advocating the notion that the devil is in the detail. That little extra bit of thought in the morning can bring you up a level in the fashion game and socks are fantastic tools for the job. So hopefully you've now got some ideas on ways of showing off your socks in your outfit. The most important thing to remember though is to have some fun with it!