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I Made The Finalists List!!

This is the age of personality. Whether it be a celebrity, brand or blogger, in order to stand out, above the digital noise, there needs to be a singular voice or personality to communicate through those all important social media channels. I've always said social media is a little bit like skimming stones: sometimes those tweets or instagrams just plop and sink without a trace and other times they can bounce on and on, much further than you imagined. These streams of digital information need to catch our interest. Everybody is competing for the same slices of people’s time and attention, not to mention wanting to broaden their marketing net by gaining followers and likes.

Having said that, I cant help but feel so lucky for the amount of opportunities that have come my way recently. And I cant help but feel so lucky to have made the frickin' finalist list for best fashion blog at the Blog Awards Ireland. The frickin' finalist list!! Like I've said before, this blog is slowly becoming my greatest and proudest achievement so here's hoping for the win on October 22nd.