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I Got A Selfie With Ana Matronic!

Recently I got the chance to show some selfie realness with Miss Ana Matronic and I am still beaming. Lets have a frickin' KiKi! Before Lady Gaga, there was Ana Matronic – the Scissor Sisters’ copper-haired female singer whose onstage flamboyance set the precedent for a new generationBy no means is Miss Matronic a tiny woman, nor is she the type of "big" gal that forces herself into the itty-bitty tube tops in a desperate attempt to be sexy. She is what she is. She is wild. She is glamorous. She is filthy gorgeous. Her looks are often outrageous and the best way to describe her would be that she looks like someone took a pair of scissors, some safety pins, and a bunch of feathers to a Cher meets Bob Mackie outfit. Pretty fabulous, right? 

When you consider a girl who defines herself a drag queen trapped in a woman's body, you'd rather talk about a disproportionate worship of everything that is exhibition, rather than considering a "normal" style. Dresses and outfits are a way of expression for Ana by playing with different aspects of her personality. Drama, eccentricity and freedom - all keys components to her wardrobe.