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Gold High Tops At The Ready!

Like it or not, the days when festivals were all about music are long gone. You read as much about the fashion as you do the front row and the z-listers grab more of the headlines than headliners themselves - festivals have hit the mainstream, big time. They have always been a place to experiment with style. Ever since the ethereal sheer dresses, fringed waistcoats and bell-bottom jeans, the likes of Electric Picnic have become platforms to catapult developing trends into the mainstream. But do any of us really care about fashion tips for a festival? Let’s be honest, will there be beers? Of course. Will there be sun? Probably. Will there be unforgettable performances that you will boast about at parties in the future? Definitely. So, why the hell would you care about you've got on or what to bring?

My biggest challenge this year will not be trying to get a second selfie with George Ezra but trying to sneak a can of hairspray in. I've failed on four separate occasions. Surely I'm due a bit of luck?