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Dividing Opinions

It is no secret that I have a little bit of a sock fetish. Just look at my Instagram. This is a strictly fashion only sock fetish though. Get your mind out of the gutter. However, as of recent, I have become a little bit obsessed about the white sock. And this is much to my sisters disapproval, may I add. Socks are the kind of things the fashion world loves to experiment with or make it disappear in turn. It depends on the year and on the single designer. They are apart of the so-called details of a whole look; they can make the difference, or not. Apart from that, there is always something related that remains ambiguous, something that keeps dividing opinions: men who wear white socks. Are they actually cool or just geek?

It may sound corny, but reality shows that although people are not scared of wearing colored patterned socks, many of them feel very uncomfortable about wearing the white ones. Most of us do not really know the history of this curious element of men’s style. White socks have been identified as the classic, comfortable and better choice for the working man, and they have been called "athletic"for years, since everyone used them in sports. Around the end of 50's the term preppy became even more known and it wasn't until 1961 that The Beach Boys came about. Buttoned-down shirts, chinos, penny loafers and white socks...every guy wanted to look exactly like them. Wearing white socks was a must. After that, the white sock became even more popular when black American youngsters were going to school dressed up in urban-sporty wear while proudly wearing their white socks. The socks started to become popular among the very “cool” people again. The 80's arrived and Michael Jackson made them part of his own signature style. And the rest is history really. Hey! I made them part of my style, I should be in the history books for continuing it, right?

If you get it right, then you’re a style icon, sort of. If you get it wrong, let’s just hope nobody sees you. On the wrong person, with the wrong look and in the wrong situation? You face an unsalvageable style disaster. You may love them or hate them, in any case they have been, and still are, an interesting trend, and one of my favourites, in the male fashion universe.